EDIT: Thirty-three confirmed dead at Virginia Tech.

Just an hour or two ago, an unidentified gunman opened fire on the campus of Virginia Tech, killing twenty and wounding more. The gunman was also shot and killed, but it hasn't been announced yet if it was at his own hand or not. The shootings started at Norris Hall, which is the engineering building of the college. The campus is in lockdown at this time, and is expected to remain so well into tomorrow. Other shootings were reported near one of the dorms.

As it turns out, security forces locked down the campus for a time so the shooter crossed the campus to the other side and started shooting again, I'm guessing from the dorms to the engineering building, were the situation ended with the shooter's death.

If any of my readers happen to go to Virginia Tech, or are near there today, please comment on this post, if only to say that you're all right.

EDIT: Thirty-three people are confirmed dead.