At long last, it seems to be over.

At least, until I go in for a routine cleaning next Monday.

I left work early today to clean up a little before driving out to the dentist's office to have the temporary crown removed from the molar from hell and have the permanant one cemented into place. It's taken about two weeks to fabricate the crown, so I've had a lot of time to get used to the temp. A temp which was even better than the one that had to be cut away, incidentally, because the last one had been damaged during installation. Dr. Nguyen took the needle to me yet again, this time to do a couple of skin-pops of the gum around the molar because he'd have to do some stretching and scraping to fit the appliance properly in place.

From start to finish the installation process took less than a half hour. A few minor adjustments had to be made to the crown with a rotary file, but it fits quite nicely, and most importantly I seem to have a normal bite once again, or as normal as my screwed up jaw structure will allow. The cement is curing as I write this, and I can just feel the novocaine wearing off. There doesn't seem to be any pain from the worksite, which one would expect of a tooth that didn't have any sensory nerves in it.

I'd call this a success, one that I've been awaiting for weeks.

Next up: Another molar, hopefully in better shape than the last one.