Tor has been accepted as a Google Summer of Code project!

Tor, The Onion Router is a well-known net.privacy project that has been the subject of a grassroots development project for a couple of years now. The EFF has made room for a couple of student developers through Google's Summer of Code programme and posted an official announcement to the NoReply wiki. To apply for a position in the project you have to have a code sample and be at least somewhat familiar with how Tor works and how the code works. Knowledge of crypto is a major plus, seeing as how it encrypts traffic between nodes for privacy. You might also be called upon to present on the topics of privacy and freedom in your area because you'll be one of the public faces of the tor project. Nick Mathewson and Roger Dingledine, the project's core developers, have signed up to act as mentors to accepted applicants.

More information is available at the wiki page, along with links to the mailing lists that you can use to sign up.