Weekend? There was a weekend and nobody told me?

It wasn't really like that, but it's my attempt at a silly subject line for today.

Despite the large amounts of antibiotics and analgesics running through my biosystems in the past week or so, somehow I managed to get kicked between wind and water by the first cold of the season. Waking up with a sore throat and burning sinus drainage should have been my first clue, but it didn't actually sink in until yesterday afternoon, when my nose started running. But now I have to back things up a little bit.. On Saturday Lyssa and I took the day for ourselves. We did a bit of shopping to get groceries for the week to come, and then headed back home. I took the afternoon to cruise around Virginia for a while, enjoying the nice weather (temperatures in the mid to high 60's, clear and sunny, no precip), and poked my head into a couple of stores to see what was going on. Because it's becoming damnably difficult to find around here, I hit up one of the pricier housewares stores at the Tyson's Corner Mall to get Barkeeper's Friend, which is a powdered cleanser which is about the only thing that gets our Calphalon cookware clean on the first try. After getting home I was so tired that I couldn't keep my eyes open, and napped for a couple of hours to recuperate.

When I woke up, I didn't realise it at the time but Lyssa mentioned that my skin was cold and clammy. I suspect that my fever broke sometime while I was asleep.

The evening was spent working on Hummingwolf's new computer (hint: always install the manufacturer's drivers for the graphics card; don't use the Windows standard ones because they do the bare minimum and nothing else) and then lots of sitting around watching anime and relaxing.

Sunday was the day that neither Lyssa nor I expected to get home before 1700 EST5EDT because of everything we had to do. Our basic plan was to drive to Maryland to get lunch at Tiffin's (the Indian restaurant worth any drive) and then drop off Hummingwolf's new computer, but about halfway through lunch Lyssa got a call back - Hummingwolf had taken sick (a recurring theme this week) and wasn't up to visitors.

Okay. Fine. Plan b. Lyssa and I were thinking of going to Spark of Spirit to see what they had in stock and generally nose around a bit. Also, Lyssa and I were waiting on Kash, who's taken the week off to recuperate from school and work, so we had some time to kill. We wound up first at Pandora's Cube, the anime/manga import store near University Park, Maryland for a while - no Kash. It turned out that he had Asuka in tow, and they'd gone to get lunch before meeting us. Upon finding that out, we went over to Spark of Spirit to browse and kill yet more time waiting for Kash and Asuka. And kill more time.

And yet more time.

All told, they didn't show up until 1530 EST5EDT or therabouts, at which time we headed for CDepot, the used music warehouse a couple of blocks southward to look for stuff for Saloncon. While nosing around I found some imported industrial disks with some remixes that I've wanted to check out for a while, as well as some reasonably rare Rosetta Stone outtakes that I'm going to give a listen to.

In truth, I think those were the best disks in the place. Lyssa didn't find anything, Asuka didn't find anything, and Kash walked away with a copy of The Animatrix on DVD. Slim pickings, indeed.

The trip home was uneventful; Lyssa slept most of the way rather than read. After we got back and unloaded the TARDIS (I feel safer keeping Hummingwolf's computer inside rather than in my vehicle all the time) I set out again to do some last minute grocery shopping, and then came home to pass out for a couple of hours.

A couple of hours, as in "Lyssa woke me up fifteen minutes before The Dresden Files started."

It was at this point that I realised that it's not all of the drugs battling it out in my biosystem, I am, in fact, sick. I think I've caught the first cold of the year and it's taking this opportunity to tell me how much it loves me by kicking my ass like I'm an extra in a Stephen Segall movie.

Being sick I can handle - it's part and parcel of being alive. However, I've only ever had to sleep more to shake something off only once in the past, and that was a throat infection. I've been doing this for almost two weeks now and it's starting to scare me a little.

Anyway, I woke up and Orthaevelve and Hasufin had come over for dinner and to watch television. We decided to tear into the leftover macaroni, cheese, and broccoli casserole that Lyssa made for dinner on Saturday night and take it easy.

After that, things get a little fuzzy because I'm actually not all here right now. In fact, I'm going home sick.