ADVISE - The TIA Project Strikes Back.

Back in 2003, the US Government formed a project called TIA - Total Information Awareness, with a logo that made about half of the country cringe in fear, anger, and disgust, and sparked off a firestorm in the news media because it constituted a major violation of the right to privacy of US citizens. The project was very publically shelved for the edification of the public, though it wasn't actually terminated.

As with many government projects are are shelved due to public outcry, it was renamed, reclassified, and worked onapace - the data mining software that TIA was supposed to be based upon is now called ADVISE (Analysis, Dissemination, Visualisation, Insight, and Semantic Enhancement). Again, the software's impact upon the right to personal privacy has come to light, and hearings are being held. ADVISE is designed to analyse records of someone's movements, credit transactions, bank transactions, phone calls, e-mail traffic, and other sorts of information, determine who and what they are affiliated with (not necessarily what they are a member of), and cross-reference those results with databases of threats both suspected and known to help analysts decide how much of a threat someone poses to this country.

The ADVISE system is supposedly in beta at this time and merrily chewing on data.