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06 March 2007

It seems that my body's biochemistry is ever so slightly messed up due to the large amounts of analgesics and antibiotics I've been taking lately in preparation for the peculiarly mediaeval form of torture referred to today as root canal therapy, which feels like anything but therapy if you're on the recieving end for a couple of hours at the very least. It's been difficult to think clearly for the past couple of days, and I seem to have the short term memory of a goldfish. On top of all of that is a general feeling of malaise - much like my cat, I would like nothing more right now than to curl up in a beam of sunlight and sleep all day, but unfortunately that isn't possible, what with lifestyle maintenance, work, and suchlike.

This weekend felt like a marathon, though oddly, my perception of time was such that it was much shorter than the past few weekends. Maybe it's because I've been getting more sleep than usual lately. On Saturday, Lyssa had an appointment with a massage therapist, who worked on her neck, her back, her shoulder, and just about all of the other body parts that she's been having trouble with lately. The office wasn't too far down the Beltway (in fact, I'm reasonably certain that one doesn't actually have to take the Beltway to get there) so we got up early and drove out there on Saturday morning, and then bummed around for the next forty-five minutes searching for breakfast and parking. While Lyssa was getting worked on, I drove back home and took care of quite a bit of grocery shopping and managed to make it back to the massage therapist's office in time to pick her up. Not bad work for an hour, if I do say so myself.

That afternoon, we took the Metro into downtown Washington, DC and met up with Hasufin at Dupont Circle to wander around the city for a couple of hours in search of excitement, adventure, and 10% sales tax. What we found were a couple of bookstores with some fairly rare texts, a tiny little kebab place with good hummus but dodgy things to drink, and a clerk at Lambda Rising who was horrified to discover that I've never seen Rent but love Andrew Lloyd Webber's musicals.

My memories of Saturday evening are kind of sketchy because I started running out of energy on the Metro ride back home after hanging out downtown all afternoon, and by the time I got home I was dead tired and ready to collapse. I vaguely recall Hasufin coming over again, and bringing a couple of containers of chocolate-dipped cherries with him, and upon considerable reflection (did someone install Windows Vista in my forebrain when I wasn't looking?) I remember making turkey burgers with Lyssa and pan frying them, along with a batch of sweet potato fries baked in the oven. I also recall showing the first three episodes of the Death Note fansubs floating around on the home entertainment system - Tovid, for the win.

Out of sheer madness I got up early on Sunday morning so that Hasufin and I could raid the CompUSA clearance sale on route 7 because they're shutting down many of their physical stores. We wandered around for about two hours, looking at all of the (slightly less expensive) things that we could impulse buy.. but settled on a UPS, a new network switch, a backpack for carrying around a laptop for Mika, and sundry other things that we could justify to ourselves as necessary.

I'm sort of kicking myself for not having gotten a new wireless access point, but seeing as how I'm not home often enough to really justify the cost, the wired network switch is a better purchase.

One of these days I really will get around to re-doing the lab network. Honest.

Sunday evening, Orthaevelve and Hasufin came over to join us for dinner and Sunday night's episode of The Dresden File. First of all, finding dinner wound up being something of a trick because the Greek Grille, the only good purely-Greek restaurant in the area was closed (it closes early on Sundays, we discovered) so we wound up at Anita's eating a late dinner. Afterward, we retired to the apartment to watch the telly and work on whatever it was we had going on. Orthaevelve worked with Lyssa beading one of her necklaces while I puzzled over a problem that I've been working on for a couple of weeks.

Hasufin was nice enough to bring over maple chocolate chip cookies for dessert, which everyone went crazy over.

Last night after work Lyssa and I headed over to her brother's place for pizza and to hang out. Rather than play video games, we got caught up in his DVD of the pilot miniseries of Sci-Fi's Battlestar Galactica.

I must be blunt: Holy shit. Galactica doesn't suck. Lyssa and I are thinking of renting it on DVD to see what happens next.