Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis and public enemy number one.

05 March 2007

One Robert Daniels has been in enforced quarantine in a Tuscon, Arizona hospital for almost a year now because he is a carrier of what they are calling an 'extreme' version of tuberculosis (gods, how I hate that buzzword) which is resistant to so many antibiotic compounds that he could easily be kept incarcerated until he dies. He is kept in a negative-pressure isolation ward to prevent air from escaping in the event that the seals are broken, and he's never met his lawyer - he's being kept in forced quarantine by a court order because he's so infectious that his body constitutes a health hazard. Daniels discovered that he was infected with this unusually lethal strain of the disease while living in Russia a number of years ago (he has dual citizenship) but relocated to the United States because the drugs he needed to keep the progress of the disease in check were difficult to get in Russia, but are available in the States. He was hospitalised in Arizona in 2006 and sent to a halfway house for TB patients to recover, under the conditions that he limited his time in the outside world and wore a mask to keep from spreading the infection. He stopped wearing his mask and taking his medication, however, and went to a restaurant, a store, and a couple of other places, which exposed an unknown number of people to the disease.

As a result of this, he is being kept incarcerated until they figure out what to do about him.