Dental health update the first.

28 February 2007

This morning, as I mentioned previously, I had made an appointment with a local dentist (Dr. Calvin Nguyen; 8622 Lee Highway, Suite A; Fairfax, VA 22031; telephone number 703-876-4600) to have two capped molars checked out because one of them has been giving me no end of trouble. I showed up about an hour early to fill out the requisite paperwork and get things worked out, and then went in for the main show.

Dr. Nguyen took a pair of x-rays and examined the area. Percussive sensitivity: Minimal. Temperature sensitivity: Ohholyshitstopstopstop...

No inflammation, no discharge, no bleeding.. just pain that comes and goes and seems to be linked to changes in blood pressure and temperature (hot and cold). I can't really tell how good a job he did because Dr. Nguyen didn't actually do much; what I can say is that for the first time since I got down here an x-ray didn't hurt, which says something, I guess.

I've got a prescription for painkillers though I've been taking Motrin for the discomfort (I'm saving the hardcore stuff in case the pain gets too bad) and an appointment with an endodontist (Dr. Richard Dellork; 124 Park Street SE, Suite 205; Vienna, VA 22180; telephone 703-281-5522) for tomorrow afternoon.

In all probability, I'm looking at a second root canal and a replacement crown for the second molar, and possibly a regimen of antibiotics to knock out whatever beasties might be lurking in the depths of a particular socket in my lower jaw.