I actually got some sleep after returning home.

27 February 2007

After a long day of being utterly unable to concentrate for longer than five minutes at a stretch due to what I suspect is dental work going bad, I finally made it home with Lyssa, who promptly put me to bed to sleep for a couple of pain-free hours. Earlier today I managed to make an emergency appointment with a dentist recommended to me by Hasufin who seems to have more than half a clue for tomorow morning to get my dental work looked at. I'm going to have to pay it out of pocket, but given a choice between paying to have something done and waiting two weeks for my insurance to kick in, by which time I will probably be climbing the walls I'll take the former option. As it is I'm popping Tylenol every six hours like clockwork, and it's finally doing its job.

Unfortunately, seeing as how I've had a nap already tonight I can't really go to sleep just yet because my cycle's a little thrown off. Still, I'll take a little insomnia over the sensation of a string of black cats detonating on top of my sinister trigeminal nerve every couple of minutes.

Maybe I'm turning into a wuss in my old age, but I'm starting to get sick of dealing with pain on a daily basis. Teeth, knee, shoulder, back (especially my back), the odd tension headache.. when I was younger I used to put up with this crap as a matter of course. It was part and parcel of getting through the day and getting things done. Now, I'm tired of just putting up with it. It's tiring; it saps your strength and your desire to do anything at all. When it's not there it feels like someone's injected whipped cream into your forebrain and you can't think quite so clearly as before.