One of life's little mysteries - insurance.

Lyssa and I are having new and exciting adventures in the world of health insurance this week. Lyssa needs to see a specialist for her eye, but unfortunately the nearest one to us doesn't work with her insurance company, and the out of pocket expense is more than either of us can front right now. Her appointment this morning wound up being a wash.. well, more like a spray of snow and slush on the roads because the state of Virginia, ever prepared for the snow, only cleared and salted the major roadways of the area, but no others.

In another chapter, I've been without health insurance for a couple of weeks now, and I'm busily searching for a policy that will not only cover my medical expenses, but also life insurance, and most importantly, a dental plan that doesn't require a transplant team to be on call for every procedure (because I'd be selling internal organs to cover the deductibles). Quite frankly, just paying for any medical procedures these days is so expensive, one would practically have to be Bill Gates to pay for anything in its entirety. Up until November of 2006, it would have been possible for Lyssa to get me onto her insurance policy (which is actually a pretty good one, save for the problems this morning that can be fixed with a referral to a different specialist) but a certain bill was passed in the last election which screws us pretty thoroughly without the benefit of lubricant unless we get married.

We are currently considering our options.