Windows Vista device driver roundup.

20 February 2007

Early adopters of Windows Vista have been finding themselves burned by an increasingly common problem in personal computing, namely, the utter lack of compatible drivers. Microsoft has been making it more and more difficult to write drivers these days, and a lot of companies weren't able to ship Vista-ready drivers by the time the new version of Windows hit the shelves and OEMs. Thus, they wind up on the manufacturers' websites, often hidden behind crappy search engines and mis-linked pages. This doesn't help you if your modem or network card doesn't work because - surprise, surprise - there are no drivers for it on the Windows or peripheral install CDs.

This is so much a problem that a group of people got together and set up a website of links to Vista drivers to make it easier for end users to find what they need when they need it. Drivers for dozens of peripherals (including sound and video cards) from better than two dozen of the biggest, most popular manufacturers are represented here.

I strongly suggest passing the URl to this site around - it's too useful.