Post-ice storm vehicle repairs.

In my almost-but-not-quite-there state yesterday, I managed to get the TARDIS down to the dealership for repairs. As I mentioned earlier, in the ice storm in DC last week, I managed to damage a couple of components in the undercarriage of my car.

First off, my car was about six thousand miles (!) overdue for maintenance and winterisation, which I take the blame for because I could probably have done so back in December of 2006 before the holiday season really set in. I know that my car was overdue for an oil change as well as a basic go-over. Due to the ice storm (in particular, the chunks of ice the size of your head that litter the ground) and a darth of safe, usable parking spaces in the DC area, I managed to break a couple of the clips in the undercarriage that hold the front bumper in place.

My car is a bit smaller than I would like, and rides much lower to the ground than I would like on top of that, which means that there is less clearance to the undercarriage.

At any rate, the few times that I got hung up trying to back out of parking spaces, the lower edge of the front bumper would catch on the ice. Gunning the engine and rocking the car would eventually free the hang-up, but at the cost of damaging those little clips, which meant that the lower edge of the front bumper came loose and would drag on the ground when moving at speed.

This also meant that the lower edge would collect ice and snow and freeze to the ground after a while, which exacerbated the problem.

Thankfully, I've got some good mechanics at the dealership, and they were able to bend everything back into place and replace the damaged parts, so the TARDIS is driving as good as new these days.