I don't think that these are subtle enough to really work well.

An outfit called Innovative Fabrications is specialising in furniture with hidden compartments for Joe and Jane Average, though their prices are a bit more than /J*e Average/ can probably afford at the drop of a hat. That's not why I'm not so sure about them, though... if you click around in their catalogue, you'll notice two things: One, the styles of furniture, or at least the ones pictured, are a bit too old fashioned to blend in well with the furniture that people these days are likely to buy. Someone with a bit of common sense and a bit of training would probably look around the house and head right for the stuff that doesn't seem to really match, and start searching there first. For example, you really don't see many three-shelf bookcases these days. Generally speaking, if you're the sort that actually needs a full bookcase, you're going to go for the five shelf bookcases, because they're readily available and leave room for growth and places to put knick-knacks.

Secondly, the places where the hidden compartments are located are disproportionate to the rest of the table (this ties in with the slight-anachronistic look i mentioned earlier). As law enforcement would put it (and from the perspective of a psychologist, this makes sense), the best hidden compartments are those positioned in locations that look as if there really isn't enough room for anything to be hidden. An end table with a tabletop big enough to stash a coffee mug in stands out, and would probably sound hollow. As for what you'd hide inside of it, if you really wanted to keep it private you'd best be served prying up a floorboard or two, or building a compartment into the wall or something like that.

Another thing that gets me is how all of the stuff they sell is described in terms of "number of guns it can hold" and not cubic capacity or concealability.