You know it's bad when the federal government has a longer delay than the schools.

14 February 2007

DC is a winter wonderland - as the title implies, the US government is on a two hour delay following an all-night ice storm that's left everything buried underneath an inch of solid ice. The beltway, from my vantage point at home, is moving at a nice clip for a change, but that's because there are so few cars on it this morning; normally it's bumper to bumper now you can actually see measurable gaps between them. As you might have guessed I'm working from home today because I can't make it to the Metro station without risking life, limb, and TARDIS. Lyssa's working from home, also, but that's because her office has broadcast an 'everybody work from home today' message to the workforce.

I'm going to go out and snap a few pictures of the snow and ice after I finish my coffee.

As if that weren't enough, the Ferrett's snowed in, too, and he's one of the most hardcore people I know. He is, however, worse off than a lot of DC seems to be.