Neal Stephenson had days like this...

Let me see.. temperatures fell yesterday and it's been snowing pretty constantly all morning. This isn't, in itself, really a bad thing because it's been warmer than it has been lately (if the air's too cold it won't snow) but travelling is going to be a pain because DC drivers, as I've mentioned before, forget how to drive whenever something starts falling from the sky. The fairest thing one can say is that the ones who drive at a fraction of the speed limit are less likely to go out of control and cause a wreck.

On the other hand, thirteen stories straight up (where I work), it's downright freezing. Once again, cow-orkers are hard at work while wearing ski jackets, parkas, and scarves with just their fingertips exposed if at all possible. You'd think that they'd install insulated windows in an ultra-modern office building, but this is sadly not the case.

On top of all of this, my cellphone, which has phone numbers of cow-orkers that I need for work has up and died on me again, I think for keeps this time. I can't charge the power cell because the recharger doesn't seem to do anything. I wonder if it's not the recharger itself that's failed, though I am kind of hard on phones... acquiring a replacement is in the works at this time.