It's not just (going to) a job, it's an adventure.

07 February 2007

The good news is that Lyssa is all right; as I alluded to yesterday, she's been in a considerable amount of pain over the past couple of days. Rialian was nice enough to drive her to the doctor's office yesterday afternoon and it's been determined that she might have temporomandibular joint dysfunction. We're working on getting her to a dentist who specialises in such things to find out for certain, and thus set a course of treatment. She now has a prescription for painkillers that can actually cut the pain caused when the trigeminal nerve, which carries a large amount of sensory data from the face, is overloaded with pain signals on a constant basis.

Hasufin and I took her to Anita's for dinner last night, because much of their food is soft enough to chew yet tasty. As it turns out, Hasufin was in a similiar situation this week, only it wasn't any of the joints in his face. He's just had two wisdom teeth extracted, you see, and he's also in a fix where soft food is advisable. We had an excellent dinner there last night, and after a quick stop off, parted ways around 2130 EST/EDT.

Lyssa slept for much of the night last night, thankfully. It's the first good rest she's gotten in a couple of days. I realised before going to bed last night that it had begun to snow. This was somewhen around midnight local time. By the time I got up this morning at 0600 EST/EDT, the streets and ground were covered with a layer of snow, and most of the vehicles had a light coating of ice on them. This could mean one of two things: Either everyone on the roads would be travelling at one-quarter of the posted speed limit, or they'd be travelling at close to double the speed limit in an attempt to get away from the people in the former category.

As it turned out, at least where I live, it was the latter. There was one gentleman driving a red Maserati (he stands out in my neighborhood for this reason - just about everyone else has an SUV) ticking along at something like sixty miles per hour (before they'd plowed the road, let me add), and had to stop for a red light.

Thankfully, he was able to do so without misadventure, but he spent the entire time at a halt going bananas behind the wheel: Throwing his hands up, apparently shouting (or trying to make fog on the driver's side window by blowing on it, I'm not sure which), making several rude gestures in my direction (I can count to four in binary already, thank you very much), and generally looking like he'd just lost his mind.

I ignored him (lest he jump out of his car, just in case) and continued on my way. The Metro line headed towards work, however, was running about one-half hour behind due to snow and ice that had piled up on the tracks. This isn't a big deal; it's to be expected, and besides that I'm certainly not hurting for reading material to keep myself busy (thanks, Jarin!).