Winter's finally come to DC...

05 February 2007

The rude awakening came this morning as Lyssa and I checked the weather report for the DC area before getting ready for work - 13 degrees Fahrenheit (-4 if you count the wind chill factor), with a projected low of five degrees Fahrenheit (with an unspecified wind chill factor). I opted for my parka and ski gloves this morning over my usual trenchcoat and Tom Baker scarf and duster. On the whole, I opted for dynafill and a few extra layers of trapped, warm air over fashion.

It's the kind of morning in which the shockwave of air coming off the front of the Metro train hits you like a sledgehammer. The cold air blew the hood of my parka back and shifted my eyeglasses up the bridge of my nose slightly, not that I was really able to notice because I suddenly lost all sensation in my face and neck. Things went from cold to downright frigid in a fraction of a second, and I suspect that the soft tissue of my sinuses shut down to protect itself a fraction of a second later.

It's taken this long for the cold to catch up with us, I can only wonder how long it'll stick around. Or until next the weather decides to emulate that of mid-March.