Nakamatsu Yoshiro - inspiration for the Sons of Ether?

05 February 2007

If this guy has even half the brains on the ball as the article says he does, he's a force to be reckoned with. I write of one Nakamatsu Yoshiro, profiled at Brainsturbator (note: relatively safe for work, despite the domain name). He's got over three thousand international patents to his name and is shooting to die at the age of 144, hopefully after he hits his goal of six thousand inventions. Just about everything he does is geared at overclocking his wetware and keeping his mind creative and flexible. He somehow manages to get by on just four hours of sleep every night (perhaps he uses the lack of REM sleep to his advantage); he's developed foods for himself that are supposed to keep his brain going, and he's also built a couple of devices that supposedly augment the blood flow to his brain. If I didn't know any better, I'd say that they took this right out of Tradition Book: Sons of Ether. If it works for him, so be it. I'd love to take a look at his patent portfolio.