Convicted pedophile infiltrates junior high school.. as a student.

The town of El Mirage, Arizona is in a state of shock right now because it was discovered that 12-year old Casey Price, a shy and relatively quiet seventh grade student was actually 29-year old Neil Rodreick III, a convicted sex offender and child molester posing as a twelve-year old. More's the point, his three male 'relatives' were also sex offenders who'd crept into the area. Rodreick used cosmetics and a shaving regemin to enhance his slight build and short stature to appear to be a preteen kid in the local school system. As far as they know, none of them actually went after any kids but they're up on charges of failing to register and announce themselves as sex offenders, which is a felony just about everything these days. There were also caches of child pornography, including homemade movies, found on computers confiscated from the house they shared.