A far busier week than I'd bargained for.

04 February 2007

The past couple of nights have been busy ones, though not painfully so. Our weekly stitch-and-bitch had been moved up to Wednesday so that Elwing could join us after work, along with Hasufin, Hummingwolf, Orthaevelve, and Kyrin, who'd been effectively out of action for a couple of weeks since the new year started. As it turned out, I had to run to the Metro station to get Hummingwolf, drop her off at home, then head out to get Orthaevelve at her place, drop her off, and then set out for Micro Center to pick up something for work. Seeing as how I didn't have a full-sized keyboard to work on for most of the day (well, all day, to be precise), I wanted to pick up something that was light and readily transportable and yet bigger than Luel's built-in keyboard. After some fruitful searching of the shelves (note to self: try to get one of those huge gaming keyboards cheap so I can hack around with them) I eventually settled on an Adesso USB/PS2 miniature keyboard due to the size and placement of the keys (they are much closer to that of a much larger, desktop replacement laptop), the stroke action of the keys (I find the sensitivity of the keys 'just right', and on top of that it clicks nicely (I'm big on auditory feedback in my consoles)), and it's light enough to tuck into my backpack along with everything else I carry to and from work on a daily basis. My wrists haven't been bothering me since I bought this keyboard, and I must
confess I'm quite taken with it. I'd even recommend it to everyone, even though I usually suggest to everyone that they figure out on their own what keyboards to use (due to RST and all that rot). Last night we got together again with Orthaevelve and Jason (a friend of O's) after a bungled first attempt to get together for dinner (neither Lyssa nor I heard our phones ring while we prepped the pork shoulder to marinate in the fridge overnight). Eventually, we loaded ourselves into Jason's 4x4 and headed in the general direction of downtown Fairfax, Virginia, to try out a new Mexican restaurant (to Lyssa and I) called the Coyote Grille (Main Street Marketplace; 10266 Main Street; Fairfax, VA, 22030; phone number 703-591-0006).

The Coyote Grille is definitely one of Virginia's better kept secrets. The salsa there is indeed addictive, and you'll get bottomless bowls of salsa and tortilla chips just for sitting down and ordering something. We're pretty sure that the queso dip has beer in it, which gave the cheese a slight undernote that I can best describe as savory or slightly tart, which on the whole worked well. The chicken enchiladas were very tasty and even though the plate was all but covered with the entree', it happened to be just enough to fill me up. Everyone else at the table mentioned the same thing from their respective meals - they give you just enough to satisfy your hunger. I give them a heart-felt rating of one flaregun - go here if you're in northern Virginia.