They're experimenting with what?

Here's a cloud to find a silver lining in - research into technically nonlethal virobiological weapons. Technically - known side effects were coma and death from brain swelling, but at least some of the time the usual effects were similiar to that of a bad case of the flu. This research never got off the ground because of the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention of 1972, but serious work was still done at the time.

From the information security community to the end-users at home: Just like the hard drives you're getting rid of, wipe your solid state storage media before you get rid of it, because data can be extracted from it most of the time, and some of it you might not want getting out (like your financial records, in a couple of the examples in the article).

If you've been keeping an eye on politics in the DC area, you've probably heard word of Keith Ellison, the first Muslim elected to the US Congress, and all the hullabaloo therof, from his being accused of being a threat to American values by Virgil Goode, who embarasses my now-home state of Virginia with his words, to much nastier things coming from people with perpetually sunburned necks and meshback ballcaps. This should bake quite a few noodles, then: Ellison will swear his oath of office... on a copy of the Koran that was owned by Thomas Jefferson, on loan from the Library of Congress.