Lyssa and I made it into Cleveland safe and sound.

31 January 2007

1128 EST/EDT. Lyssa and I made it into Cleveland, Ohio around 0155 EST/EDT this morning (five minutes within projected arrival time!) The Ferrett is running a Doctor Who marathon today, and Lyssa and I made the long drive to Ohio from DC to join everyone. Some of us have been fans for a while, some of us are new to the series (like Ian, sitting on the floor across the room watching Rose from season 27).

First things first, but not necessarily in that order.. I left work early yesterday afternoon so that I could pick up my car at the garage. The work was finished, really, the final inspections had to be done before they could release it, but the catch was that after the vehicle was ready, I had only 24 hours to return my rental car and pick it up at the garage/rental agency. Annoying, becuase I was supposed to drive out here last night...

So I made a couple of calls over lunch and managed to bump up the inspection a few hours. End result: The TARDIS is ready for pickup at 1730 EST/EDT. Somehow I managed to make it both there and back home on the beltway in decent time, which is no mean feat for a Friday in DC, and then ran home to throw clothes into a suitcase to hit to road.

After loading everything up, I took a moment out to make a couple of last minute modifications to my car's electrical system to make the trip easier on everyone, and then Lyssa and I set out.

Or started to, at any rate. We stopped off for dinner at the local deli; I had to run home to pick up the power inverter so that we could plug our phones in to recharge on the trip, and made it back in time to eat before my meal got cold. The actual trip took about seven hours, counting two stop offs to stretch our legs and get coffee. Not bad for crossing three states on the turnpike, I think...

Gotta go - An Unearthly Child is on.