Car repairs at last?

Today's the fifth of January - the TARDIS is supposed to be ready at the body shop by now. Cross your fingers, everyone.

thunderbird -ProfileManager - For when you absolutely, positively have to do things to your e-mail configuration that would make any sane system administrator (hush, you!) cringe. Laptop users take note: SanDisk is going to unveil its next generation storage drives at CES next week, namely, 32GB flash drives for portable computers. The drives are built using solid-state flash technology, which means no moving parts (and thus, lower power requirements). For a while they've been available for certain applications outside of the consumer market, so this represents a landmark advance for Everyone Else.. Everyone Else That Can Afford It, that is. These new drives will cost in the neighborhood of $600us at the outset, which is a hefty chunk of change if you're speccing out a new portable machine. Also, they max out at 32GB, which is much smaller than most hard drives in notebooks these days, so it's not actually all that much of a win. Still, it's something to keep your eye on for the next year or two, as prices will start to come down after they go into full release and higher storage density drives will begin to hit the market.

Does anybody else find it ironic that the OpenBSD security alerts mailing list (security (dash) announce (at) openbsd (dot) org) doesn't PGP sign the messages it sends out? For all I know, the AGP-if-you-don't-actually-have-AGP patch could be an attempt to get me to install trojaned code in the kernel tree of my lab boxen...

It looks as if North Korea has lined up another test nuclear detonation without any prior announcement or warning on the usual newswires. They're not sure if North Korea will actually go through with it, though after the explosion detected on 8 October 2006 quite a few eyes and ears are focused on the country, that's for sure.

This article pretty much sums up my point of view these days: I'm sick of being told that I'm sick when I'm just having an off day. Natural variation is coming to mean 'broken', when in fact existence is a spectrum of possible states, and not a binary either/or state.