"Burn me at the stake, and I will return with a new handle." -Anonymous BBS user, circa 1994

31 January 2007

Wow.. the most outspoken anti-homosexuality priests and preachers are falling from grace^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hin droves. This time the reverend Lonnie Latham of Oklahoma was arrested for propositioning a male undercover police officer for sex last Tuesday.

The new Information Society website went live! The Lost Tales, the direct-to-DVD Babylon-5 movies are in post-production and are scheduled for release on 27 July 2007, thus sayeth JMS.

Lady Ada of thee Cult ov thee Dead C0w has unleashed her latest creation upon the Net: Wavebubble, a miniature self-tuning radio jammer that can run on two bands simultaneously for up to two hours on 3 AAA batteries or a rechargable integrated power cell. It's short range (about twenty feet) but that's all you need to make reception hell on the cellular frequencies. To reprogram it, all you have to do is jack it into the nearest computer via USB. You can download all of the necessary files to construct your own unit from the website (pending permission, I will mirror them to Alexandria).

Actually using this device, of course, is highly illegal.

The Family Foundation of Virginia, not content to make it impossible for same sex marriage to happen (let alone domestic partnership - thanks heaps, guys) has now decided to lobby the General Assembly to make it more difficult for married couples with children to divorce.

You know what I'm thinking: Children and spouses of abusive families.