Random knowledge X.

25 January 2007

How to set up a crossover ethernet connection between two Sun Solaris machines:

  • Connect both machines using a crossover ethernet cable.

  • root@solaris-machine-1# ifconfig plumb

  • root@solaris-machine-1# ifconfig netmask

  • root@solaris-machine-1# ifconfig up

  • On each machine, ping the other. If both are reported as being alive, you're golden.

It would look something like this on a live setup:

root@igg# ifconfig ce1 plumb

root@ook# ifconfig ce1 plumb

root@igg# ifconfig ce1 netmask

root@ook# ifconfig ce1 netmask

root@igg# ifconfig ce1 up

root@ook# ifconfig ce1 up

root@igg# ping is alive

root@ook# ping is alive

Lots and lots of plastic grocery bags (which seem to pile up if you're not careful) work just as well as styrofoam peanuts for packing material.

Setting up a PPP connection on a Debian Linux box is simple. Assuming that PPP support is compiled into the kernel, log in as the root user and execute /usr/sbin/pppconfig. The utility will walk you through the setup process and ask you for the information necessary to configure a dialup connection. Once it's done, running the command pon as root will cause your deck to dial up to the ISP. To disconnect, execute the command poff . Nothing could be easier.

Just make sure that you've got the pppconfig package installed. If you don't, you can either get it off of the Debian installation CDs or by running apt-get install pppconfig.

When using Mutt as your mail client, deleting large number of unwanted messages (such as those with the subject line 'failure notice') is as easy as hitting D (capital 'd') in the thread index, typing the subject line you want to delete, and pressing return. Typing the $ (dollar sign) from the thread index will purge all of the deleted messages in your inbox.

It's not destiny if you were set up.

Bryce's Law of Computing #1: Whenever you have to reboot a machine for an upgrade, every user of that machine will log in ten minutes before you shut it down and stay logged in for days doing stuff.. even if they had not logged in for a year or two prior, they'll suddenly log in.

Use pdf2ps to convert Acrobat .pdf files into Postscript files. View them with gv (Ghostview, a graphical Postscript interpreter), or just print them. Trying to get Adobe's Linux port of Acrobat to print anything is an exercise in futility.

tinkly-tune land - noun - Stuck on hold.

To access the system setup of a Toshiba 7020CT laptop, hold down the ESC key as you power the machine up. You'll get an error message - hit the F1 key to proceed into the system setup screen.

If you're trying to get Xwindows forwarding over SSH running but no matter what you set you can't get the SSH daemon to automatically set the variable $DISPLAY, check to see if the utility called xauth is installed on the server you're trying to remotely run applications on. If it's not present, SSH won't be able to set up authentication. For machines running Debian Linux, you need to have the xbase-clients package installed. Slackware Linux and Sun Solaris will already have this utility in place. As long as you've got that, it should "just work".