You said WHAT?!

This Saturday past, the Pentagon took a major leap sideways when it had to distance itself from one of its senior officials, one Charles "Cully" Stimson. Stimson went on the record during a radio interview as saying that US companies should boycott legal firms that employ lawyers who represent Guantanamo Bay detainees that are US citizens. He then went on to recite a list of a dozen legal firms that should be boycotted. When last I checked, if you were a US citizen you had the right to legal representation under the Sixth Amendment of the Bill of Rights. Lieutenant Colonel Brian Maka, spokesman for the Pentagon, then went on the record by stating that Stimson spoke for himself only, and his views do not reflect those of the Bush regeime. One Neal Sonnett, the president of the American Judicature Society (a public nonpartisan society of judges and practitioners of law) called this an act of intimidation.