Hell with it...

Jeffrey Skilling, former president of Enron, was sentenced to 24 years in Club Fed for his role in the Enron scandal.

Famous sci-fi authors tell stories in six words or less.

The Supreme Court of the state of New Jersey has voted to recognise same-sex marriages. This is entirely too awesome: Robotic Dalek pumpkins, complete with propulsion motors and a remote control so you can chase the trick-or-treaters down the sidewalk.

They have no problems with forgetting about a certain movie, but when the fans start producing the swag that the production company didn't want, they sic the lawyers on the fans. Hey, Universal: This isn't how you make several tens of thousands of Browncoats continue spending their money (which lines your coffers). One poster (Marty) says that if you search Cafe Press for stuff like 'Reaver' or 'browncoat' you'll find stuff, but you won't if you search on 'Serenity' or 'Firefly'.

Blue Sun Shirts went down, too.

Presenting the Art Bell Jack-o-lantern!