Winter's only two months late...

21 January 2007

It seems that winter has finally come to Washington, DC. Temperatures have been bouncing around between the low twenties Farenheit and the high thirties, finally coming to a bone-chilling low of 30 degrees Farenheit late last night. I finally got home about twenty minutes ago, after going out to run a couple of errands, and had a hell of a time getting home because of the snow now covering the ground and the road. More's the point, it's freezing on the roads; I discovered this the hard way when I almost spun out on the highway on my way home. Thankfully, the TARDIS' antilock brakes kicked in when they were supposed to, and saved my bacon. Now that I'm back home and safe and sound, it's really quite pretty. The roads are accumulating snow; so much so that people are actually driving slowly on the Beltway (I can see part of it from my vantage point at home; the cars appear to be going about thirty miles per hour). The roads are also freezing, which caused my problems earlier today.

Last night Jarin and Raven came over to hang out for a quiet evening at home watching the last two DVDs of Slayers, preceeded by a trip to Uno's for a warm dinner. We sat around for a while discussing our cats, of all things, and waiting for dinner to arrive becuase it was a busy Saturday night.

Slayers is a cute series: If you've ever played D&D it very much has the feel of a silly, slightly overpowered campaign. There are lots of in-jokes that gamers will get, and it's generally a silly series. It's brain-candy anime - brain candy with collateral damage equivelent to the Hiroshima blast.

A lot of talking was done by all... I got quite a bit of coding time in on a project that I've been working on, and I think will be ready to go live in a week or two. Jarin was nice enough to go through the four boxes of books that Lyssa and I cleaned out of our libraries and took an entire box of books home himself, which left me much less to haul to the thift store for donation this afternoon. All in all, I drove about four boxes of books, two boxes of cookware, a knife set, a bag of clothes, and my old printer to the thrift store to get rid of, and clear the apartment out somewhat in the process.

This weekend has been, by and large, a lazy one. I've been doing a lot of coding, Lyssa's been doing a lot of knitting (she was half-done with her latest scarf by midnight last night), and we've been perfecting the fine art of sitting on our asses doing nothing. We had long weeks at work, and it's time for some R&R.