The Doctor's weblog drinking game.

17 January 2007

Take one drink...

  • whenever I bitch about work.

  • whenever I mention hating my lives, being depressed, or hating my family.

  • for every piece of electronic equipment I mention having on my person (batman factor).

  • for every time I'm logged onto ICQ--but aren't actually there.

  • every time I crow about finding a new toy.

  • every time I mention another possible apartment or new job.

  • every time I worry about being too selfish or weird.

  • everytime I slap myself in the head.

  • when I mention purring--for as long as I purr.

  • when I get to have something with cinnamon in it.

  • if you catch me in a skirt.

  • if I write a review of a restaurant I've been to.

  • if I write a book review.

  • if I write a movie review.

Take two drinks if...

  • I talk about loving my lives.

  • I talk about something having to do with personal freedom, politics, or civil rights.

  • I complain about my weight.

  • I refer to my body as a thing or I depersonalise.

  • mention wearing kitty ears and/or a tail in public.

  • I go off into some discussion about geekdom that leaves you completely confuzzled.

  • I say I want to throw someone down a flight of stairs.

  • I make an InSoc reference (much less frequently in my old age).

  • I refer to a person that I haven't seen in at least two years.

  • I write about indulging in something I really shouldn't (such as ice cream, clove cigarettes, Goldschlager, or Wild Turkey).

  • I make reference to the works of William Gibson, Frank Herbert, or CLAMP.

  • I crow about being addicted to a new manga/anime (it helps, trust me).

  • I talk about getting lost while driving somewhere.

  • I say "a hell of a lot."

  • if I write a review of a band.

  • if I start talking about encryption or privacy

Take three drinks...

  • whenever I start getting paranoid for any reason (you'll need them to keep your sanity).

  • whenever I talk about witchy stuff or start getting strange (you'll need them to stay sane).

  • whenever I post links to pictures on my website.

  • you see the War Jacket.

  • for every time I'm actually listed as "online" on ICQ.

  • every time I mention my true age.

  • whenever I mention something that could get me raided.

  • whenever I specifically link to software or describe techniques for encryption or privacy.


  • if I ever talk about sex.

  • the next time Pariah appears.

  • whenever I get a new job.

Chug if I get lost going to some place I've been to before that is:

  • Within 5 miles of my house.

  • Out of state.

  • On the way to some place I've been before (just resign yourself to the keg/case/bottle if he's been to THAT place more than once, too.)