Notes from Thotcon 0x0a.

May 15 2019

My notes from Thotcon 0x0a:

Hacking Con Badges for Fun and Profit

  • Given by an EE
  • Badge hacking started with DC23, HHV.
  • Turned his DC23 record-badge into an analog clock.
  • AND!XOR's DC24 independent badge.
  • Maple Mini STM32.
  • Live spectrum analysis of 20-20KHz as an add-on.
  • Mic, pre-amp, FFT running on the uc.
  • Wired into the badge, rock-and-roll.
  • Inspiration and OSINT - look at the badge when it's announced, think about it
  • Get ideas
  • PoC - if you don't have this, you're not going to have anything
  • dev & debug
  • DC25 - NRF52 -
  • Blow up any images you can and start thinking.
  • BMD-300 module
  • OxVox - synthesizer and firmware for the badge.
  • Thotcon 0x09 badge - Thotcoin miner
  • Arduino to toggle the pin to mine as many coins as possible
  • Spoiler alert: 0 coins
  • ESP8266, similar to the Sparkfun devkit.  Picaxe x4.
  • Rewrote the firmware in the EPROM that holds the coin count and changed the value.  :)
  • Added a speaker and amp, built a CW repeater for morse code.
  • It's not a badge, it's a development board.  Changes how you think about it.
  • Addons - badges for your badges.
  • DC26 shitty add-on connector, four-pin I2C interface, VCC is marked.  Male pins.  0.1" pin pitch.
  • Master badges have female headers.
  • SAO Genie, based on TPM Genie, PoC for I2C sniffing.
  • Badge -> SAO Genie -> Addon to monitor traffic, serial interface to hook to a computer.
  • Destination address, packet contents.  Passthrough, inject, modify, block packets.
  • DCZIA badge - 4x4 keyboard
  • Crappy audio processing unit to make a sequencer or a synth.
  • @mediumrehr