Lyssa the Clockwork Golem from behind.

A closeup of Lyssa's spinal prosthetic.

The Golem invokes cider, and later banishing cider. Nice closeup of the banishing pentagram on her left hand, and the traditional 'AMETH' (aleph-mem-tzaddi-hod) (life) on her forehead.

A closeup of the invoking hexagram on Lyssa's right hand. I went with the "descending into matter / striving toward divinity" interpretation of the Seal of Solomon when designing this sigil. If you look closely, you can see the symbols for capacitors worked into the inner lines of the hexagram and the symbols for power supplies in the second/inner circle. The third circle contains the symbols for antennae, in the sense of transmitting signals (as opposed to recieving signals).

This image didn't turn out terribly well (unfortunately) - it's of the banishing pentacle on Lyssa's left hand. I used the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram as the basis for this sigil, transliterating part of the Quabbalistic Cross ("Ateh malkuth ve-geburah ve-gedulah...") into Hebrew as best I could without a lexicon to balance the circuitry I installed on her right side. I managed to find a better image of this sigil elsewhere in my camera.

A closeup of the Golem's clockwork heart.

Action shot of the Clockwork Golem follwing orders.

The Golem, awaiting instructions.

What? You thought that representation of the Tree of Life was just for show?

The Doctor standing at attention as Sumeragi Subaru from Tokyo Babylon.

Subaru sluts it up in Lyssa's basement. (Note: Work-safe image.)

As much as I love this pose, it's downright painful.

For the first time in a long while, I got to be painted up, too. Here's a distance view of my back piece. In this image, you can see how it flows across my bck. You can also see the rose at the back of my neck and the petals more clearly. The branch-sword at the centre of my spine is also clearly visible.

Closeups of the rose, leaves, and sword.

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