Bryce's Laws

May 08 2019

We lie best when we lie to ourselves.  If you are skilled at lying to yourself, you are much better equipped to deceive others.

People want to be lied to, and will fight to be deceived.

Never go to the well three times.

Power will always be abused.

Beware people who are incapable of laughing at themselves.  They tend to enjoy making people suffer.

If something seems wrong, it probably is.

Overwhelming force never goes out of style.

Only warn them once. If they don't listen, it's not your problem anymore.

Expect no mercy or compassion from anyone. Show genuine gratitude if you actually receive any.  You could just as easily have gotten a knife in the ribs.

Plan for the worst case scenario.  Act as if you're walking into the best case scenario.  If things go wrong, you'll be prepared.

Be happy you got anything at all. You could have had things taken away instead.  Lots of people have less.

If they aren't (non-consensually) hurting anybody, it's none of your business.

Make yourself useful.

Don't assume anybody cares.

People always accuse you of what they want to do.

Keep your mouth shut.

Show loyalty, but do not expect it.

If you can't promise it, don't promise it.

Take any advantage you can get.

You think about you more than anyone else thinks about you.

We are not allowed to have nice things.  Don't get too attached.

When in doubt, assume cruelty is the reason until you find evidence to the contrary.

There is no such thing as "no risk."  There is "risk I can handle" and "risk I can't handle."

No expectations, no disappointments.

Never assume anyone you meet has a conscience.  That is a vastly dangerous assumption.

Never tell someone everything you're capable of.

Shared hatred is a far more effective means of getting rivals to cooperate than shared goals.

It's always more complex than you think.

Outraged people are exhausted people.  Exhausted people don't accomplish anything.

Reasons don't matter.  Results matter.

If you want to be absolutely, positively sure something is done right, do it yourself.

Refusal can prevent failure.

Not everybody wants to.  It doesn't matter what it is or how useful it could be, not everybody wants to.  Accept that.

The most hated are used to destroy the beloved.

Never gamble on people doing the right thing.  Most people will only do the convenient thing for them.

Lots of people say they want to do good.  Most people can't be bothered.

The greatest sin is an understanding of nuance.  The second greatest sin is admitting that you look at things from other points of view.

The more you learn, the less well you'll sleep for the rest of your life.

Never mistake sociopathy for cognitive dissonance.

Maliciousness is its own reward for some people.

The cycles will always repeat themselves.