Fun facts!

Mar 17 2016

  • I've been known to meow instead of talk. I often have conversations with certain people in this manner.

  • My handwriting is quite awful, which is why I prefer to type or print if I have to. Given time and a fine enough fountain pen, though, I'm fond of calligraphy. When I was younger I was quite skilled with the Gothic and Unicial scripts, but time and years have worn that away, slowly but surely.

  • I try to make plans to give me an idea of what to do in the future, though I know full well that I won't be able to stick to that plan very well.

  • When I say, "I'll get to that one of those years," I fully mean that it'll take me between five and fifteen years to get around to it.

  • I plan for the long term, in all things.. in increments of history no shorter than a quarter-century. My descendents owe me a few favours, though they don't realise it yet.
  • I have plans to repay those same favours. I have no idea how yet, but I will. It's only fair.

  • While languages fascinate me to no end, I have a poor memory for them, and unless I speak a language constantly I'll forget most everything. I really loved Japanese, too...

  • I have very good taste in clothing, I am told. Rarely do I exercise it, because that would require more time than I have most mornings.

  • I have a will.. somewhere.

  • I have a True Will. By reading this, you are helping me to carry it out.

  • Most of the time I have a sense of humour. While it may appear to be defective most times, it's actually quite dry and sarcastic.

  • I don't like to laugh at other people's expense.

  • About 50% of the time, I can whistle and imitate a 300bps modem picking up..