The OPM compromise and information dynamics.

If you pay attention to the news, you've undoubtedly heard that the US Office of Personnel Management, which coordinates the background investigations for every civil servant and contractor of the United States government was pwned so thoroughly that the intruders even got into E-QIP, the online web service that prospectives have to enter their life histories into (well, at most the last decade of it) so the process can begin. Say what you want about government, but this will probably go down as the most gigantic clusterfuck in history and it shows every sign of getting worse, not better. One of the things the US government has gotten incredibly paranoid over since 9/11 is people who aren't USians, almost unto xenophobia. So why, then, did they outsource their entire IT infrastructure management to mainland China?

I got nothin'. And that's not what I wanted to write about, actually. What I wanted to write about is how wrong-headed the idea of "Tell your security officer everything, because if somebody tries to blackmail you about it you can go to them, and they'll help."

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The California t-shirt conspiracy.

All of the t-shirts commonly available in California seem cut to make you feel bad about yourself. No matter your self-image, no matter your body shape or configuration, just about any t-shirt you find is going to make you feel fat. At the very least, most sizes run one size smaller (i.e., what is marked 'large' is actually cut as a 'medium', and so forth).

Upon reflection, this might be why personal exercise is so common in California.

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Pictures from the Covenant Concert, 30 April 2015.

Pictures from the Covenant show at the DNA Lounge on 30 April 2015.

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Makerfaire 2015

If you've never been to Makerfaire, it's a rite of passage for geeks of all kinds. In fact, I'd recommend that everyone attend their nearest Mini-Makerfaire at least once because you'll see all manner of weird, wonderful, and inspiring things on display. I ran a table at the one in Silver Spring, Maryland back in 2013 with HacDC and had a ball. Anyway.

I had a chance to attend the original Makerfaire in the Bay Area a few weekends ago and, though it was a significant journey on BART and on a shuttle bus it was well worth it. There, I saw more kinetic art than I've seen anywhere else (most of it breathing fire), several examples of functional powered armor, TOOOL had an entire tent dedicated to locksport, there were robots running around all over the place, a massive store where the latest and greatest smart components could be bought (I didn't buy any - I don't have time right now, so there was no point), movie props... more than I can really recount here. I did take pictures of most of it, though.

Here are the pictures I took.

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Experimenting with music.

When screwing around with a keyboard try using your off-hand predominently. I find that this bypasses the logical part of my brain which insists that I'm wasting my time and should do something more worthwhile.

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More rants, raves, and out of context humor.

I've updated my .plan file. As usual, the usual caveats and warnings apply.

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Baycon 2015

Once, when I was quite small, I had an opportunity to attend a science fiction convention in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I don't recall exactly when this was, it was long enough ago that Time Trax was on television and still in the first run of its first season (there was merchandise for it all over the dealers' rooms) but it made an impression on me. First, there were other science fiction fans out there, and second there was this thing called cosplay which I didn't really get into until college.

Long story short, I'm finally settled in enough to consider going to any cons in the Bay Area. My search agents caught wind of Baycon, the Bay Area's sci-fi convention which was held a couple of weekends ago. A few months previous I set about making plans to attend, arranging for time off, making reservations, putting out feelers and suchlike. Amberite responded during this process because he was going to be driving down to California around that time. As we are wont to do we'd made plans to dress up for most of the convention. We're both in the Homestuck fandom (and I don't have any of my other costumes left due to multiple clothing purges during the move) so he and I opted to attend as two of the characters, Rose Lalonde and Kanaya Maryam. Amberite already had plans for his costume, which left me getting back into the swing of using my sewing machine.

For those of you who aren't interested in costume making, here are the pictures we took at Baycon. For those of you who are interested I'll put the costume build after the cut...

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Ever have a week where you work 16-18 hour days, five days straight?

There almost wasn't enough coffee on the west coast to keep me going. Almost.

Sorry, everybody else. It was for a good cause. Promise.

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Yes, this really does happen sometimes.

Sometimes, in San Francisco, a band will appear out of nowhere and play for an hour or two under somebody's eave, or on a corner. No rhyme, no reason, just because. This particular band played jazz for commuters on their way home that night.

A random band playing jazz in Oakland.

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Walking along the beach, 7 March 2015.

A beach in California in spring, with a whale skull washed up on shore. I don't think I can say anything else about this.

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The Internet Archive

Yes, this is part of The Internet Archive.

Three of the server racks that comprise

More under the cut...

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Photographs from the Alliance of Sound 2014 tour.

Last last year a number of industrial heavy hitters - Skinny Puppy
Front Line Assembly, Haujobb, Youth Code, and S4NtA_MU3rTE - came to San Francisco as The Alliance of Sound. We missed the first few bands due to traffic but arrived just in time to catch one of my favorites, Front Line Assembly whose work was a staple of my misspent youth's soundtrack. It was a joy to watch their retrotech-heavy visuals and hear their newer work live (along with a couple of old favorites). We stayed as long as we could, but I have to be honest the lot of us tapped out halfway through Skinny Puppy's set. Even with shooter's plugs in my ears, the sound system was set to 'punishing' and I stumbled out of the concert hall into the lobby reeling.

Here are the pictures, or at least the ones that turned out as decently as possible.

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I think we found the Waydown.

Amazing what one finds when one goes exploring.

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William Gibson book signing, 31 October 2014.

Last year William Gibson went on a book tour for his latest novel, The Peripheral. I don't have much to say about when he came to the Bay Area because I was (predictably) sick and not running on all 64 bits. Here are the pictures..

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Bitcoin ATM in downtown San Francisco.

It's in a coffee shop, of all places.

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The strangest things get thrown out in San Francisco.

A surgical table with straps on it.

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Cicada hawk on the prowl.

In August of 2013 Lyssa and I spotted a most unusual thing on our way up to the front door after grocery shopping, a cicada hawk, which is a wasp that hunts cicadas. This particular speciment could have perched proudly in the palm of my hand and easily stretched from one side to the other.

Here are the pictures.

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That's right, this is a Tesla.

Sitting in the driver's seat of a Tesla.

Don't ask.

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Senator Wyrmser is making an evening of it.

Senator Wyrmser reclining on a couch with a drink, some pizza, and the remote control to the media box.

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Laser cutting a Mayan calendar at HacDC.

HacDC's laser cutter in action.

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"We, the extraordinary, were conspiring to make the world better."